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Overview: Tharbakin

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1 - Brogh Ardna

Brogh is the quartermaster of the city. He'll reveal to you that a shipment of alcohol from Covengor Village is late in arriving, and he'll ask you to look into it. If you agree to help, then you'll receive the quest "Alcohol Shortage."

When you talk to Dras Beclem, the alcohol supplier in Covengor Village, you'll learn that a bandit has been stealing his shipments. If you deal with the problem, then between the bandit and the supplier you'll gain enough Moonshine to make Brogh (and his men) happy. Delivering the Moonshine to Brogh will net you some gold.

2 - Stranger

The "stranger" standing here is a paladin. He'll tell you some cryptic things, and then end with the comment, "You are not yet ready." Nothing will ever come of talking to the stranger, but you'll hear more from the paladins later.

3 - Merchant's Guild Building

Outside the building, you'll run into Pol Getber. When you mention to him that you're looking for work, he'll suggest that you go inside and speak to Ion Furvo. Just talking to Pol will grant you 2 reputation points with the Merchant's Guild, and Pol will also give you a quest that you'll complete just for going inside.

Inside the building, Ion will give you the quest "Earning Trust." He'll tell you that he has a sensitive document that he needs delivered to Samon Veller in Cathalon, but he'll let slip that the Giriza family would love to get its hands on it as well. Ion will then give you a Merchant's Association Package, but you'll have to decide what to do with it.

If you deliver the package to Zatagi at the Gizira headquarters in Qudinar, then Zatagi will read the document and learn that the Merchant's Guild is planning to produce dwarven steal, and he'll reward you with a good chunk of gold and 2 points of reputation with the Giriza. Zatagi will then put the document back in the package and tell you to deliver it as expected, to prevent the Merchant's Guild from realizing that their plans have been intercepted.

If you deliver the package to Samon Veller in Cathalon, either with or without the stopover in Qudinar, then you'll gain gold, experience, and 2 points of reputation with the Merchant's Guild.

4 - Tharbakin Dungeon / Pale Stone Cave

The cave and the dungeon connect to each other and are essentially the same thing. At the cave entrance (outside the city), you'll meet Eras Brakalet. He's an agent of Clan Karga, and he'll ask you for a favor. He'll tell you that Clan Karga is no longer allowed to enter the city, and so they'd like to use the underground passage connecting the cave to the dungeon to bypass the guards and get inside. If you agree to help out Eras, then you'll receive two quests: "Tharbakin Dungeon" (to enter the dungeon via Tharbakin) and "The Secret Passage" (to open the gate in the passage). Once you've completed the quests, when you return to Eras, he'll reward you with some gold and 2 points of reputation with Clan Karga.

5 - Ged Sammra

When you approach him, Ged will give you the quest The Missing Son.

6 - Mages

At this one spot you'll meet a few mages, including a trainer and a shopkeeper. The trainer will offer to teach you about Water Magic and Earth Magic, but he and the shopkeeper will only appear here during the day.

You can also pick up a couple of quests at this location:

Rama Erendar will tell you that some groms stole his Archmage Earth Staff during his travels near Gorelin Village. If you agree to help him out, then you'll receive two quests: "A Missing Staff" (to return the staff) and "Mountain Tribes" (to find the grom's camp).

You'll find the camp well to the north of Gorelin Village. It's actually west of Covengor Village. After defeating the young groms there, you'll find the Archmage Earth Staff on the ground next to a big pile of dirt. When you deliver the staff to Rama, he'll reward you with gold, experience, and 2 points of reputation with the Society.

Meanwhile, Daron Moreti will give you the quest "A Dragon Scale." He'll ask you to find for him a Dragon Scale, and he'll suggest that you look for one at the Brotherhood Outpost. That's a good suggestion, because you'll find a couple of them on the ground there (otherwise, you'll have to wait until you actually fight dragons, which will be a while). When you deliver the Dragon Scale to Daron, he'll reward you with gold, experience, and 2 points of reputation with the Society.

Note: Daron won't deal with you unless you have at least 2 points of reputation with the Society.

7 - Soul Patcher

Soul patchers don't work like they're described in the manual. You can't actually choose a skill and have the points you've invested into that skill returned. Instead, if you pay the soul patcher 500 gold pieces, then he'll reallocate five random skill points and five random attribute points. With enough money, you can completely break down and then rebuild your character, but you'll gain so many skill and attribute points that it isn't really necessary.

8 - Tharbakin Crossroads Inn

The Giriza family is in control of the inn, and you can pick up a couple of quests from them there.

Stork will give you the quest "Work Withheld." He'll tell you that work has stopped in the Excavations for some reason, and he'll ask you to talk to one of the workers there to find out why. Inside the Excavations, you'll meet a worker named Armin, who will give you the information you need. He'll tell you that House Skelden has been pulling chests out of the mine, but that the chests probably haven't been going to King Emrys. When you relay this information to Stork, he'll reward you with some gold and 2 points of reputation with the Giriza. You'll also earn experience twice when talking to Armin (this is probably a bug).

If you have a positive reputation with the Giriza, then Keshi Lono will tell you that the Giriza has been attacked -- but he won't really know how or why or by whom. All he'll tell you is that the mysterious enemy was somehow able to infiltrate both Gorelin Village and the Excavations, and that he stole something. Keshi will then ask you to retrieve this artifact, which might now be in the hands of some mountain bandits. If you agree, then you'll receive the quest "Shadows over the Family."

The artifact can be found in a cave not far to the south (near the Darrut Outer Gate). You'll encounter several bandits inside and outside the cave, including one who will ask you for a password. These bandits are also involved in a quest from the Excavations, and that's where you can get the password. You can also just kill the bandit guard to get inside.

Inside the cave you'll meet the bandit Finch. If you offer to let him live in exchange for the artifact, then he'll hand over A Dwarven Contraption, and he'll tell you that he was supposed to deliver it to somebody in Four Stones Village. This comment will trigger the no-reward quest "Following the Shadow," which you'll complete just by entering Four Stones Village.

If you attack Finch, then he won't have the contraption on his corpse, and none of the other bandits will have it, either, and you won't be able to complete the quest. If you really want to, you can always kill the bandits after you've acquired the contraption. No matter how you deal with the bandits, you'll receive 1 skill point at the end of the meeting.

When you give the Dwarven Contraption to Keshi Lono, he'll reward you with gold, experience, and 2 points of reputation with the Giriza.

9 - Blue Weed Cave

This is an above-ground cave. We've never found anything inside.

Other Places of Interest:

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