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Overview: The Enclave

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1 - The Enclave

Outside of the Enclave you'll meet Solvan. Solvan is probably a gate guard, and he'll probably only let you into the village if you have a high enough reputation with the Necromancers, but it's difficult to say. We always have the maximum reputation with the Necromancers by the time we get here, and Solvan always lets us in.

Inside the Enclave, you'll find a shopkeeper, a trainer (who will offer to teach you Alchemy, Necromancy, and Stone Skin), and a handful of other people:

Moon will tell you the strange story of how he found the Enclave. He'll also mention that he is the half-brother of the mayor of Four Stones Village, and that he was forced to leave.

Xavo Wellmark will give you the quest "A Spark in the Darkness." He'll tell you that his brother Faran came with him to the Enclave, but that Faran went mad, and "his madness brings monsters to life." Xavo will then ask you to kill Faran, since he can't bring himself to do the job. You'll find Faran in the Blood Cave to the southwest (#1a). He'll just be called a necromancer, but when you kill him you'll earn 1 skill point and some experience. Xavo won't give you a reward when you return to him to tell him the news.

Ito Tamaga will give you the quest "Against the Living." He'll tell you that some animals are defiling a sacred place to the south (#1b), and that they're disturbing the Enclave's experiments. He'll then ask you to remove these creatures. At the sacred place you'll find several reapers. Killing them will earn you 1 skill point, and then when you return to Ito, he'll reward you with experience and reputation.

Completing Ito's and Xavo's quests will cause the Flame to appear in the Enclave. When you talk to her, she'll tell you that the Necromancers need to send a message to the rest of the world. If you agree to deliver it, then she'll hand you some Necromancer's Poison to take to Four Stones Village, and you'll trigger the quest "The Test of Faith."

To complete the Flame's quest, you'll need to take the Necromancer's Poison to the well in the center of Four Stones Village. At that point, the quest will update and you'll earn some experience. (Putting the poison into the well will also eventually cause all of the people of the village to die, so be sure to complete all of your quests there first.) Then when you return to the Flame, she'll reward you with experience and reputation, and she'll ask you to come back once you've finished the business with your sister.

Note: If you have the quest Public Enemy from Sygius Destrus near Cathalon, it's best to talk to the Flame and call her mad if you intend to fight her. If you simply attack the Flame, then the entire town will come to her aid, and you'll have to kill everybody. But if you challenge the Flame in dialogue, then nobody in the town will notice, and they'll talk to you just like nothing had happened. It's up to you whether you want to complete her quest first. If you do, then you'll have to attack her outside of dialogue, because you won't be able to call her mad after completing her quest.

2 - Two Hills

There isn't anything very exciting about Two Hills -- except that you'll find a bunch of dead knights and a hell lord there (not to mention a demon stuck in the mountain, but that's probably a bug). If you're feeling powerful, Two Hills is a good test, because dead knights are tough opponents.

3 - Giant's Head Cave

You'll find a variety of enemies inside this cave -- skeletons, zombies, necromancers, and even a demon.

4 - Hadeborg Castle

You'll find orcs and ogres all over the castle, both inside and out. If you're looking for loot and experience, then this is a good place to go. The castle is also involved in a pair of quests: Orc Catapults (given by Raul Dang in Cathalon) and The Deserter (given by Gravor in the Eastern Army Camp).

5 - Bloody Claws Cave

You'll face skeletons inside this cave. As of version 1.5, most of the treasure chests in the cave are empty, giving you little reason to go in.

6 - Thieves' Graveyard

Along with an assortment of undead creatures, you'll also find two Taint Shoots and a treasure chest here.

Other Places of Interest:

EEnemy (Bandit / Grom / Orc) Camp
HHealth (Maliel) Shrine
MMagic Source
$Treasure Container