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Quest: The Relic

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Organizational Note

This page includes information for the quests "The Relic," "Find a Relic Frame," "Find a Relic Fire Stone," "Find a Relic Water Stone," and "Find a Relic Air Stone."


For these quests you'll need to track down the five pieces of the relic. Oddly, you won't need to do anything special to collect most of the pieces. You'll just come across them while solving the numerous side quests in the game.

The Relic Frame

For the main relic piece you'll either have to support Clan Karga or House Skelden. You'll have to complete some quests for one (or both) of them, and then once you've gained enough reputation with your chosen faction, you'll receive a quest to destroy the other one. Doing so will open up the Karga Treasury (#1), allowing you to claim the Relic.

Note: Although it's called the Relic, it's really just the relic frame.

For more information about Clan Karga, see the Karga Camp overview page. For more information about House Skelden, see the Excavations overview page.

The Earth Element

The Earth Element is located in the King's Tomb (#2). There are two entrances into the tomb, but both lead to locked gates. To reach the interior of the tomb, you'll need to complete a series of quests for Mayor Gordar or for Captain Hograd, both located in Windbreak Village. Their quests will eventually lead you inside the tomb, where you'll gain access to the Earth Element. You won't need to kill anything in particular to reach the element; it'll just be sitting out in plain sight -- and it'll be glowing green, making it hard to miss.

The Water Element

The Water Element is located in the Yatholen Temple underneath the city of Ashos (#3). To reach it, you'll need to acquire a key to the temple. You can get this key from Kano Mizoguchi after completing Hajime Masaware's quest, or by completing an assassination quest for Uchinao the blacksmith. You won't have to kill much to reach the Water Element, but note that when you pick it up, everybody in Ashos will die.

The Air Element

You'll find the Air Element sitting out in plain sight in the White Dragon's Nest (#4) east of Gor Gammar (#5). You won't have to kill the white dragon to get to it (the white dragon is involved in a pair of quests in the Drak'ar Desert, and you can kill it there if you want), but the Dead Forest leading up to the nest is one of the toughest wilderness areas in the game.

The Fire Element

The Fire Element is housed in the orc fortress at Gor Gammar (#5). There are three ways to enter the fortress: via an underground tunnel just to the east of the fortress, by completing a necromancy quest for Asmohar (#6), or by wearing the Orc Camouflage Armor from Cathalon (#7). Depending on your method, you might have to kill a bunch of orcs inside the fortress, but none of the battles should be particularly noteworthy, and you won't have to do anything special to pick up the Fire Element. It will just be sitting on an altar in plain sight.

Completing the Quest

Once you have the Relic with all four elements attached, you'll need to take it to Gandohar (#8) outside of Qudinar (#9). You'll immediately jump to a cut scene that will lead you to the final quest. If you still have quests you want to complete, you'll be able to work on them right up until the final battle, so you don't need to worry about finishing them off yet (although it's probably a good idea).

1 - Karga Treasury / Relic Frame

2 - King's Tomb / Earth Element

3 - Ashos / Water Element

4 - White Dragon's Nest / Air Element

5 - Gor Gammar / Fire Element

6 - Asmohar

7 - Cathalon

8 - Gandohar

9 - Qudinar