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Overview: Gor Gammar

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1 - Old Abode

You'll meet the necromancer Asmohar at the old abode. He'll hint that he can give you a weapon to use against the orcs -- provided that you perform a couple of tasks for him. First off he'll give you the quest "The Scorpion's Sting" and ask for you to find for him a Scorpion Poison Gland. Lots of scorpions roam around in the Dead Forest, so this should be pretty easy. When you give him the gland, he'll reward you with gold and experience.

For your second task, Asmohar will give you the quest "Clear the Glade for Asmohar." He'll ask you to kill all of the octogrons at the ancient temple to the northeast (#1a). This is a regular group of octogrons, just like the ones that you've probably already fought a few times in the forest, and so clearing them from the temple should be straightforward. For killing the octogrons you'll receive 1 skill point, and then when you return to Asmohar, you'll receive some experience.

At this point Asmohar will ask to meet you at the cleared temple. When you meet him there, he'll give you a Necro Orc Killer, and he'll tell you that if you bring the device to the front gate of Gor Gammar (#4), then it will kill all of the orcs inside. You'll also receive the quest "Deliver the Magic Device to Gor Gammar."

The Necro Orc Killer isn't a trick. If you take it to the gate, then it will really kill all of the orcs inside the fortress, making it much easier for you to retrieve the Fire Element (#6), and it will also allow unlock the front gate, so that you don't have to circle around through Path of the Doomed (#5). You'll also get some experience for using the device.

However, when you return to the ancient temple, you'll find a paladin named Paladine standing over Asmohar's corpse. Paladine will tell you that Asmohar somehow unleashed an army of undead orcs (oops!) and had to be killed. Paladine will then leave, and if you return to Gor Gammar you'll find it full of orc ghouls, making it an excellent place to pick up Ghoul Brains so that you can increase your willpower.

2 - White Dragon's Nest

You won't find the white dragon here -- if it's still alive, then you'll encounter it in the Drak'ar Desert -- but you will find the Air Element. You'll need the Air Element for the main questline (see The Relic for more information).

3 - Fire Claw Tower

You'll run into necromancers and undead creatures here.

4 - Front Gate to Gor Gammar

The front gate won't automatically open for you, but there are three ways you can get inside the fortress: go through the Path of the Doomed (#5) instead, use the Necro Orc Killer from Asmohar (#1), or wear the Orc Camouflage Armor from Cathalon. The latter two ways will open the front gate for you. If you go through the Path of the Doomed, then you'll eventually be able to open the front gate from inside.

5 - Path of the Doomed

You can use this underground passage to gain access to Gor Gammar, but you'll find a whole bunch of orcs standing in your way.

6 - Fire Element

This is where you'll find the Fire Element necessary for the main questline (see The Relic for more information).

7 - Caves

You'll find a few underground caves near Gor Gammar. Inside of them, you can fight a variety of creatures, including bandits, octogrons, and dead knights.

Other Places of Interest:

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