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Overview: Four Stones and Windbreak Village

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1 - Laza Larat

When you meet Laza here (#1), she'll ask you for 5 gold pieces so that she can buy some medicine for her mother. If you give her the gold, then she'll promise to supply you with herbs the next time you visit her -- and she will, once, but then after that you'll encounter Gil Mole at this spot instead, and he'll let you know that Laza was killed by wolves.

If you then try to enter Laza's house (#1a), Laza's mother Jana will angrily accuse you of sending Laza to her death, and she won't want to talk to you. It seems like there should be some way to appease Jana, but if there is, we never found it.

2 - Scar

Depending on which quests you've completed while making your way to Four Stones Village, you might find a man named Scar here. Scar has been sabotaging the Giriza family, and you'll receive a quest from Sling in Qudinar to kill him. If you kill Scar before receiving the quest, then you'll still be able to collect the reward later.

3 - Annon Moha's House

Inside this house you'll meet two Society spellcasters: Annon Moha and Juna Evrist.

Annon Moha will introduce you to the quest "I AM the Real One." He'll tell you that he created a double of himself, but that now his apprentice doesn't know which one is real, and he won't hand over the Magical Mirror used in the incantation. The other Annon Moha lives in Windbreak Village (#8), and he'll give you the exact same quest.

To settle the matter, you'll need to track down the apprentice, whose name is Esperon Hiatos. You'll find him in Four Stones Village, hanging out in the same courtyard as Scar (#2). When you talk to him, he'll vent some frustration at you, but he'll suggest that the archmage Lokar Maios in Cathalon might know of a way to tell the Annons apart, and if you can find that out then he'll give you the mirror.

However, when you talk to Lokar, he won't want you to destroy the double, and he'll ask you to bring the mirror back to him instead. When you return with this news to Esperon, he'll hand over the mirror to you, but you'll have to decide what to do with it.

If you give the Magical Mirror to one of the Annon Mohas, then you'll receive gold and experience, but the other Annon Moha will cease to exist, and Lokar Maios will be unhappy with you. If you give the mirror to Lokar Maios, then you'll receive gold and experience and 2 points of reputation with the Society, but the Annon Mohas and the apprentice will be unhappy with you.

There isn't a "right" answer for the quest. If you're mostly interested in experience, then you should give the mirror to one of the Annon Mohas. If you're mostly interested in gold or reputation, then you should give the mirror to Lokar Maios.

Meanwhile, Juna Evrist will only give you the quest "Black Shadow" if you have a high enough reputation with the Society (you'll need at least 6 points). For that case, she'll ask you to cleanse the Earth Claw Tower just to the northwest by killing all of the undead creatures and necromancers there. This task should be a little bit difficult, depending on your level, but the necromancers at the tower will only cast the Poisoned Dart spell at you, and so if you use one of the numerous immunity to poison items available in the game, you should be able to kill them without taking any damage in return.

For clearing out the tower, you'll receive 2 skill points. Then when you return to Jana, she'll reward you with gold, experience, and 2 points of reputation with the Society.

4 - Mostrol Mirra's House

Inside the house, the healer Mostrol Mirra will ask you to contact some of his colleagues and invite them to his house for an important meeting. In all, you'll receive four quests for this: "The Healer's Gathering" (the main quest), plus three more quests to talk to each of the three colleagues.

You'll find the first colleague, Denor Pater, in Windbreak Village (#6). He'll agree to go to Mirra's house, but then he'll inform you that the other two colleagues, Famah Tolem and Grah Magna, are currently in Clovelly Village helping plague victims there. When you reach Clovelly, Famah and Grah will reluctantly agree to attend the meeting. Speaking to both of them will complete the main quest and earn you some experience.

However, when you return to Four Stones Village, you'll discover that the meeting was a trap, and that two of the colleagues are now dead. Apparently, the person you originally talked to wasn't really Mostrol Mirra, but a man whose daughter died because the four healers wouldn't help her (or at least that's his story). You'll then have a choice: to kill the fake Mostrol and save the remaining healer, or to kill the remaining healer to complete the fake Mostrol's revenge.

It doesn't really matter which side you take. You'll get the same amount of experience either way. But if you side with the fake Mostrol you'll also receive some gold, while if you help the healer you'll gain 2 points of reputation with the Society.

5 - Cold Creek Watchtower

You'll find a handful of dead knights plus a treasure chest inside the tower. There appears to be some sort of invisible wall at the entrance to the tower, so if you get damaged you can jump out and the knights won't chase you. Also, while you won't be able to target the knights from outside the tower, area spells like Fireball will still hit them.

6 - Denor Pater's House

See #4 for more information.

7 - Windbreak Village Courtyard

You'll find four people of importance in the center of Windbreak Village. You'll also meet a pair of shopkeepers:

Captain Ran Hograd will give you a series of quests, starting with Caravan.

Mayor Gordar will give you a series of quests, starting with An Ogre in the Windmill.

A paladin named Stranger will offer you some cryptic information -- just like the one in Tharbakin did -- but he won't give you an actual quest.

Finally, Sigyor will give you the quest "The Woodcutters' Camp." He'll tell you that ten bandits have captured the woodcutters' camp to the east (#7a), and he'll ask you to get rid of them. If you complete this task, then you'll receive 1 skill point at the time of the deed and 1000 gold pieces when you return to Sigyor.

Sigyor will then have a second task for you. This time he'll tell you that some insects have taken over the abandoned sand mine to the east (#7b), and he'll ask you to exterminate them. Sigyor will suggest that you talk to Master Oldrin (#8), who is knowledgeable about the insects, and, if you do, then you'll receive some experience and yet another task. Between Sigyor and Oldrin you'll receive two quests: "The Insects" (to kill the insects) and "Insect Egg" (to acquire an insect egg).

At the sand mine you'll encounter half a dozen trachidis drones and one giant trachidis. The giant trachidis will drop a Trachidis Egg when it dies, but this isn't the egg that Oldrin wants. He's interested in the Insect's Egg that you should notice on the ground next to the teleporter (T). The trachidis insects can be tough to kill, but since there's a teleporter right next to the fight, you can keep dying and teleporting back as much as you'd like until you've killed them all. For clearing the sand mine you'll receive 1 skill point.

Note: Trachidis insects are immune to piercing damage.

When you return to Oldrin, he'll reward you with gold, experience, and 2 points of reputation with the Society. Then when you talk to Sigyor, he'll give you 500 gold pieces.

8 - Master Oldrin's House

Master Oldrin won't show up until you've completed a quest for Sigyor (#7). He'll then have a quest for you, but it is covered in Sigyor's entry.

9 - Annon Moha's Other House

See #3 for more information

10 - Windmill

This is one of three windmills surrounding Windbreak Village, but it's the only one where you'll find an ogre. Killing the ogre will complete one of Mayor Gordar's quests (#7) and gain you 1 skill point.

11 - Graveyard

You'll gain 1 skill point for killing all of the undead creatures in the graveyard.

12 - Orc Ambush Site

This is the spot where Captain Hograd's (#7) men were ambushed. See his quest page for more information.

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