North Forest (AR1800) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Dao Djinns

This is very near where you zone in, so prepare yourself for a battle with two Dao Djinns guarding the area. Inside the tomb you can find some gold, gems, and some ninth level mage spells.

2 - Hostile Adventurers

Another tomb guarded by a party consisting of a mage, priest, thief, archer, duergar, and some summoned creatures can be found here. The thief drinks Potions of Invisibility and gets in close to your casters to interrupt their casting. The summoned creatures are more than enough to keep your melee types busy, and the archer puts down a lot of pain as the mage rains you with all sorts of evil. You'll probably want to conjure up some of your own summoned creatures to aid you against this massive attack.

3 - Greater Wyvern

A Greater Wyvern attacks the party at this spot. The battle is fairly easy and is hardly worth mentioning, other than the fact that it may be the first time you encounter a Greater Wyvern.