Shadow Thieves' Guild 2 (AR0306) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Renal Bloodscalp

Renal Bloodscalp, one of the Shadow Thieves' more prominent leaders, stands amid some of his thugs here. Speak with him and he will implore you to infiltrate Mae'Var's Guildhall outside in the Docks District. You will need to find proof that Mae'Var intends on crossing the Shadow Thieves and bring it back here.

Once you have the proof (thanks to some help from Edwin), you'll earn 48,250 experience points and Renal will give you the go-ahead to kill Mae'Var. You'll get some sweet items from Mae'Var, along with some pretty serious experience, so it's worth the effort. On top of that, when you return to Renal to report Mae'Var's death, you'll earn an additional 45,500 experience points and a Short Sword of Backstabbing for completing the quest.