de'Arnise Keep 2 (AR1302) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Daleson

After entering through the secret door, you'll find one of the keep's captives, Daleson, here. He's kind of an ass, but don't lip off to him or you'll lose 4 reputation points.

2 - Flail Forge

There is a secret forge here that is used to create the Flail of Ages +3, once you have all three pieces. One of the flail heads is actually past the forge resting at one of the tiger statues.

3 - Kitchen

This is the kitchen, where you can cook the dog meat you obtained from the courtyard. You'll need to use the dog stew in the cellars within de'Arnise Keep 4.

4 - Exit

There are stairs up to de'Arnise Keep 3 here.

5 - Exit

This exit leads out to the courtyard, de'Arnise Keep 1. You'll need to go out here to open the drawbridge.