Beholder Dungeon (AR2101) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Elder Orb

You'll come down from the Underdark into this room and find yourself face-to-face with an Elder Orb and some of his friends. It's a pretty tough fight, but you'll end up with the eyestalk you need for the Matron Mother in Ust'Natha, the blade of the Equalizer, and an Amulet of Spell Warding.

2 - Beholder Battle

Waiting for you at this intersection is a whole slew of Beholders and Gauths, which make for an extremely difficult fight. Prepare your party as best you can before entering the battle or you may find yourself having to reload your game!

3 - Hidden Cache

Inside this room is some hidden treasure. Scour the walls for little niches that hold gold, gems, and even some Arrows of Detonation.

4 - Hidden Cache

Search this area to earn yourself a Greenstone Amulet. You can also find a Sling of Arvoreen by searching the wall at location x=1214, y=766.