Wyrm's Tooth (AR7005)

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1 - Arrival

You'll emerge from the Hall of Heroes and find yourself under attack by three Greater Ice Trolls and three Snow Trolls. The Greater Ice Trolls don't need to be finished off with fire or acid, but the Snow Trolls do.

2 - Broken Bridge

When you try crossing this bridge, you'll get a "this bridge is in poor shape and may collapse" message. In order to cross it safely, you'll first have to find a way to repair it. As luck would have it, Soth in the Slave Den has an Engineering Manual that describes the basics of bridge suspension. Obtain the book by either asking for it or looting it from his dead body, then use it to repair the bridge for 60,000 experience points.

3 - Exit

A single Ettin stands guard over this entrance to the Aquatic Museum.

4 - Exit

Any of these three doors will bring you to the Lower Museum Entrance Hall.

5 - Exit

After wiping out a few more Snow Trolls, you're free to use this exit in order to reach the Transition Area. From there, you can access the world map or enter Lower Dorn's Deep.

6 - Exit

Once you've fixed the bridge, you'll be able to reach this entrance to the Frost Giant Caverns.