Slave Den (AR7003)

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1 - Entrance/Exit

These stairs lead up to the Aquatic Museum. If you've given Gareth the key from Kerish, be prepared for a fight when you ascend. All of the Frost Salamanders and other creatures will now be hostile.

2 - Entrance/Exit

This doorway leads to the Lower Museum Entrance Hall.

3 - Entrance/Exit

This doorway leads to the Lower Museum Entrance Hall.

4 - Gareth

Gareth is the leader of the slaves and the mastermind behind the recent revolt against the Frost Salamanders. If you tell him that you're not here to enslave them, then he will shed some light on what actually took place during the revolt. He'll explain that the slaves were forbidden to enter the museum's temperature control room, but a woman named Vera was able to sneak in. She fiddled with dials and knobs until the machinery powered up, which in turn caused the salamanders to flee this lower chamber due to the heat that started to be generated a few days later. The slaves made a break for the stairs, with Gareth and a handful of other slaves actually making it to the den safely.

While the slaves are currently safe here in the den, they have no food or water and will eventually die if they don't find a means to escape. There is a route that the slaves can use in the Lower Museum Entrance Hall, but it is locked and Gareth believes Kerish has the key. If you want to help the slaves, tell Gareth that you will get the key from Kerish. Once the key is in your possession, you can hand it over to Gareth for 60,000 experience points. This will cause all of the Frost Salamanders and other creatures in the Aquatic Museum to become hostile, though.

It's also worth noting that you can tell Gareth that Vera is alive and well (assuming she is) for 80,000 experience points.

5 - Soth

Soth has been studying the many books here in the den, most likely because he has nothing else better to do. Talk with him to learn that some of the books "are excellent works on dwarven engineering." If you've tried to cross the bridge in Wyrm's Tooth, then you can ask Soth if any of the books contain the information you need to repair the bridge. As fate would have it, he does have a book that covers the basics of bridge suspension. Acquiring the book is worth 112,500 experience points.

If you end up killing the slaves for Kerish, then Soth will drop the Engineering Manual upon his death. You won't receive the 112,500 experience obtaining the book via this method, though.