Old Dorn's Palace 1 (AR8006)

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1 - Arrival

These stairs lead up from The Garden. This old dwarven palace has been taken over by Marketh and his goons, and is therefore crawling with thieves who have no problem with jabbing their blades into your characters' backs. To avoid any casualties, you may want to send your toughest character to scout the hallways in order to draw them out of hiding.

2 - Fleezum

Fleezum is Flozem's brother and will "get the impression that you're up to no good" when you talk to him. This results in a fight, so you should speak with Flozem first if you have the Portrait of Marketh and a Bard in your party to take advantage of the experience point reward. If that isn't an issue or you've already talked with Flozem, then you just have to worry about teaching Fleezum that six-on-one is never a good fight to pick. Search his remains for some gold, a helmet, a Long Sword +1, a Large Shield +1, and an amazing suit of armor called Bathed-In-Blood.

Before leaving, check the chest at the foot of the bed to discover a random magic weapon (such as a Static Star +3 or the Morning Star of the Gods). The dressers along the north wall of the room can be rummaged through for four potions, as well.

3 - Ginafae

Ginafae is an attractive Drow Elf that you'll discover is Marketh's concubine and Malavon's sister. She admits that Marketh beats her (for speaking in drow, of all things), but still pleads for you to spare his life. She seems to think Marketh would be a better person if he was just to leave Dorn's Deep and get away from Poquelin. Before you can end the conversation, she makes you promise that you won't hurt him.

If you have the Oil of Null Effect from Malavon's Dome and have already spoken to Marketh (and let him live!), you can offer the potion to her to remove Malavon's contingency spells. Since Marketh is already gone, she agrees to drink the potion and leaves the palace earning you 80,000 experience points.

4 - Flozem

Flozem is the would-be artist that drew the picture of Marketh for Callard down in The Garden. If you have the Portrait of Marketh from Callard and a Bard in your group, have him speak to Flozem and convince him to become an artist. This will earn you 60,000 experience points and all of Flozem's equipment when he leaves to pursue his dream.

If you don't fulfill this requirement, then you can avoid combat with Flozem altogether if you want. If you've killed Fleezum at area #2, though, Flozem will immediately become hostile. If you end up killing him, you'll find some gold, plate mail armor, a helmet, a Long Sword +1, Large Shield +1, and a Girdle of Stromnos on his corpse.

Four potions can be grabbed from the bookshelves on either side of the door before you leave, too.

5 - Dining Room

This dining room is empty, save for a couple of backstabbing thieves.

6 - Cook

Marketh's personal cook is hanging out in this room. He doesn't want to die, but feel free to kill him if you feel the need. It doesn't really matter one way or another.

Check the table to the left of the stove to find a Sack of Potatoes. This can be given to the hungry Svirfneblin down in the Gnome Pit for 80,000 experience points.

7 - Exit

These stairs lead up to Old Dorn's Palace 2.