Sheverash Tower (AR5401, AR5402, AR5403, AR5404, AR5502)

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1 - First Floor

An elven spirit named Kaylessa paces the lower level of this tower. Speak with her to learn that she used to be the weapons master of the Hand. She'll provide some more background information about the fortress, including the fact that Larrel is now a Baelnorn (a lich-like creature doomed to live forever) and that his true form is atop Labelas Tower. His "sending" normally mumbles incoherently, but recently Kaylessa overheard it talking about how the astrolabe is no longer turning. She then reveals that she has one of the pieces of machinery required to fix it, and if you've been following this walkthrough in order, it's the last piece that you need.

In order to get the piece of machinery from Kaylessa, your party must first prove themselves. The elves on the upper floors of this tower used to be Kaylessa's most dedicated soldiers, but are now eternally cursed. Kaylessa believes that they would rather die in battle, so she asks you to put them to rest.

Kaylessa's soldiers inhabit only the second and third floors of this tower, so it shouldn't take you too long to complete the task. When you've ended the soldiers' suffering, return to Kaylessa for 52,500 experience points and another... awkward task. The weapons master requests that you give her the honor of dying in battle too, and immediately becomes hostile. Fulfill her last wish and then loot her corpse to find a Piece of Broken Machinery, some Boots of Speed, and one of four random magic items - Kaylessa's Bow, Kaylessa's Chainmail, Kaylessa's Gloves, or Kaylessa's Ring.

If you'd like to get a little extra experience before heading back up to the bridge, pick the locks on the two cells on this floor and kill the Shadowed Orc Grunts and Shadowed Ogre that are being held within them. You can also snag 100 gold pieces from a container in the left cell.

2 - Second Floor

Several Shadowed Elven Swordsmen and Archers assault your party as soon as you step foot on the second floor. Do as Kaylessa asked you to and put the soldiers out of their cursed misery. When the room is clear, you'll discover that the stairway to the third floor has been barricaded. Luckily, there is a ramp at the top of the map that will allow you to continue ascending the tower.

3 - Third Floor

Another large force of Shadowed Elven Swordsmen and Archers await you when you ascend the ramp. Most of the archers are firing from behind some cover, so you'll want to run your characters behind the cover and take them out before you sustain too much damage. After they've all been slain, search both tables to uncover some gold, a gem, a scroll of Beltyn's Burning Blood, and forty Arrows of the Hand.

There are two exits from this floor. A set of stairs to the south will bring you to the fourth floor of the tower while a side passage to the west will bring you to a bridge that spans across to the second floor of Labelas Tower. Since you need the piece of machinery from Kaylessa before you can fix the astrolabe, you shouldn't cross the bridge just yet. In fact, you've already completed the task Kaylessa sent you to do, so you can skip the fourth floor entirely if you want and just return to the first floor to claim your prize. If you prefer to pick up some extra experience, though, then the fourth floor may be worth visiting.

4 - Fourth Floor

This floor is completely exposed to the frozen air, as the elves used to raise Hippogriffs for scouting purposes here. The majestic creatures are long gone, though, replaced by several Wraith Spiders. Kill the vermin and then search the eastern room to find a book entitled "Hippogriff Riders of the Hand" and a small amount of gold.

5 - Bridge

This bridge runs between Sheverash Tower and Labelas Tower. Three Shadowed Elven Swordsmen, two Shadowed Elven Archers, a Shadowed Elven Cleric, and a Shadowed Elven Wizard bar your way across, though. Demonstrate your combat prowess and then exit the west side to reach the second floor of Labelas Tower.