Return to Easthaven (AR1100)

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1 - Arrival

After mortally wounding Poquelin back in Poquelin's Cave, your whole party will be teleported to a semi-destroyed version of Easthaven - the village where your adventure originally started. You'll be standing in front of a massive tower of crystal where the Temple of Tempus containing Jerrod's Stone once stood.

It's pretty obvious that you're going to need to find a way into the tower. Make your way to the imprisoned townsfolk at area #3 and speak with Everard to learn the symbol needed to gain entrance. When you return, your characters will be able to pass right through the wall of crystal and enter the Crystal Tower.

2 - Winter's Cradle Tavern

A few Cyclops are roaming in front of the Winter's Cradle Tavern, one of which is actually yelling at the door for someone to come out. Slay the creatures and head inside to find Old Jed cowering in the basement. He's lamenting about how the Easthaven townsfolk have been locked up by the Cyclops and has just decided to drink his sorrows away. A couple of dialogue choices later and Old Jed will pass out on the floor. Nice. At least he's not the town's only hope.

3 - Easthaven Citizens

Once you've killed the Cyclops guarding the bridge, you can enter this makeshift pen and mingle with the captured villagers. The only one you need to speak with is Everard, the priest you chatted with long ago in the Temple of Tempus.

Everard tells you that the giants brought him into the tower and tried to force him to break the glyphs on Jerrod's Stone. He didn't succumb to their torture, but if Poquelin figures out another way to open the stone, he will unleash an army of demons onto Faerūn. Your party must put an end to Poquelin's scheming once and for all, so Everard teaches you the symbol required to gain access to the tower (crossed hands, blood upon the wrists). This will earn you 280,000 experience points.

4 - Jhonen

Jhonen frantically tries to explain the events that have transpired here in Easthaven, including the imprisonment of all the villagers at area #3. If you gave Jhonen the broken sword of Aihonen during your first visit to Easthaven, then you're in for a nice surprise. Jhonen tells you that the blade suddenly melted together again while he was sleeping one night and that he wants you to use it to defend Easthaven from the monsters attacking it. This will get you the Restored Blade of Aihonen and 280,000 experience points.