Dragon's Eye 2 (AR4002)

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1 - Arrival

Kill the Lizard Man guards that guard the entrance to the second level of Dragon's Eye, then make your way down the western hallway.

2 - Trolls and Wraith Spiders

A few Trolls and Wraith Spiders confront your party here. You'll need to use some sort of fire- or acid-based attack to finish the Trolls off after they've sustained enough damage to fall to the ground. The Flaming Oil you've been picking up in Dragon's Eye makes a good choice, though Burning Hands, Melf's Acid Arrow, or Fireball all work great as well. If you don't have a caster in your party and don't like carrying around potions, the Trollkiller sword that Conlan sells back in Kuldahar will do the trick.

3 - Mother Egenia

Several Talonite Priests and Trolls guard a Priestess of Ilmater being held prisoner in this chamber, so be prepared for a very difficult fight. When all opposition has been dealt with, speak with Mother Egenia to earn 36,000 experience points and to learn how townsfolk from Kuldahar are being abducted and brought here. You can ask Egenia for healing, though you'll have to pay for it just as you would at a temple. No appreciation!

4 - Abducted Townsfolk

You'll find some of the abducted townsfolk Egenia told you about in this chamber.

5 - Sheemish

Several abducted children stand in this stretch of hallway. Included amongst them is Sheemish, the son of Conlan the blacksmith in Kuldahar. Speak with him and let him know that it's safe to return home for 24,000 experience points.

6 - Spiders and Beetles

Phase Spiders, Bombardier Beetles, and a Sword Spider await your party in this area. At the end of this corridor, you will find a corpse which contains the Long Sword of Confusion and a Battle Axe, Defender.

7 - Bombardier Army

A small army of Bombardier Beetles inhabit this hallway. Tread carefully!

8 - Loot!

Fight your way through the last of the Bombardier Beetles to discover a dead body at the end of this hallway. Grab the gold, Battle Axe +2: Defender, and Long Sword of Confusion +2 from the corpse - you earned it!

9 - Final Resistance

This section leading to the level's exit is well guarded by Trolls and another Sword Spider.

10 - Exit

This pathway leads to Dragon's Eye 3.