Transition Area (AR7000)

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1 - First Arrival

After zoning out of the northeast corner of Wyrm's Tooth, your party will arrive here.

2 - Second Arrival

Once you've obtained Dugmaren's Key from Kerish in the Aquatic Museum, you can use it to unlock the central door in the Lower Museum Entrance Hall. Entering the tunnel beyond the door brings you to this location.

3 - Exit

Once you have obtained Joril's Badge, you can enter Lower Dorn's Deep via this cave.

4 - Exit

Using this exit will allow you to travel to any location marked on your world map. Stopping by Kuldahar to get resupplied or paying a visit to Larrel in the Severed Hand's Labelas Tower to show him Evayne's Journal are two good reasons to leave this frozen tundra for awhile.