Kuldahar Pass (AR2000)

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The pass itself is probably the most difficult part of the journey, as the pass is only usable by foot traffic or caravans with pack animals. Raiders or marauders are rare, and perhaps the biggest danger is being trapped by the snows. If you find yourself trapped in the pass, either set up camp or go in search of one of the outlying farmsteads that lie in the Pass. There's the mill run by Joaquin and his wife and their son, Jermsy -- and there's the great watchtower that overlooks the pass, and the Ghoson's farmhouse. All of them are friendly folk, willing to host a traveler for the night -- just be sure to extend them every courtesy, and be fair with the coin if they offer you shelter and a place at their table. Names of the guests lacking in courtesy travel among the locals, so keep that in mind.

1 - Hermit

After your expedition is wiped out by an avalanche enroute to Kuldahar, you'll end up here at the western end of Kuldahar Pass. Talk with the hermit near the bridge to figure out where you are and which direction you need to travel to reach Kuldahar.

2 - Old Mill

This old dilapidated mill has been overrun by monsters. Once inside, you'll be confronted by an Orc named Uligar and his lackeys. They demand a tribute, though you'll end up battling it out even if you give them what they seek. When they're all dead, search Uligar's remains for a scroll of Blur, some gold, and a random magic item (such as a Wand of Trap Detection or The Merry Shorthorn).

When you're finished here, head downstairs and wipe out the Goblins calling it home. Search the basement's containers for some minor loot and then open the hidden door underneath the staircase to discover a small boy named Jermsy. Apparently the monsters killed his father and sister, but if you offer him some encouragement he will make a dash for the temple in Kuldahar. This will earn you 2400 experience points.

3 - Ghereg

Within this tower is an Ogre named Ghereg. He suffers from a headache due to some telepathic forces tugging at his mind. If you have a druid in your party, you can offer him a cure. If not, you can still travel to Kuldahar and tell Arundel of the Ogre's headaches. This will get you the recipe for the cure, which you can then bring back. Either route nets you 1200 experience points.

Of course, you can always call him a "big dummy", "stupid oaf", or other insult and wind up killing him instead. This only earns you 270 experience points, though.

4 - Exit to Goblin Cave

This pathway leads up to a Goblin-infested cave, though the Goblins have apparently come under attack by a small army of Beetles. Slay all of the Goblins and Beetles you discover in the area to earn some decent experience and to find some minor loot scattered about.

5 - Exit to Kuldahar

This exit leads to Kuldahar, where you'll begin Chapter One.