The Greater Forge (AR8011)

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1 - Arrival

If you went through the first of the two exits from the Salamander Mines, then your party will arrive here. After a short bit of dialogue, three Salamanders and two Water Elementals will attempt to stop your party from closing their portal to the Plane of Fire. A few Earth Elementals and Fire Elementals are just off to the east, so try to avoid getting their attention until you've cleaned up the first battle.

2 - Alternate Arrival

If you went through the second of the two exits from the Salamander Mines, then your party will arrive here. A Fire Giant will approach you and demand to know what business you have here in the forge. If you tell him that you're here to see Maiden Ilmadia, he'll actually let you by without a fight. Of course, feeding him the "Killing is my business. You're my next customer, big guy." will result in a battle if that's what you're looking for.

3 - Maiden Ilmadia

If you've previously been waltzing through the Fire Giant guards on this level, that's about to come to an end. Maiden Ilmadia isn't too pleased to see that a party of intruders are strolling along the edge of her fire lake, and it won't be long before you are forced to crush her skull. When a fight breaks out, all of the Fire Giants will become hostile, so it might actually be in your best interest to kill the Fire Giants up to this point to avoid getting overwhelmed all at once.

When Ilmadia falls, you can search her corpse to find her badge, some gold, an Oil of Speed, a long sword called Alamion, The Argent Shield, and the Black Swan Armor. Picking up Maiden Ilmadia's Badge will award your party 225,000 experience points. Check the three containers within Ilmadia's lake home to uncover four more potions and two random magic weapons (such as a Repeating Heavy Crossbow or a Two Handed Sword +4: Backbiter).

4 - Exit

This double passageway leads to the Black Temple.