Krilag's Caves (AR6003)

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1 - Saablic Tan

After entering these caves through Upper Dorn's Deep 2, you'll encounter an Umber Hulk named Saablic Tan. The Umber Hulk will tell you that he was once a master transmuter and Red Wizard of Thay, but his ambition resulted in his new non-human form. He also mentions that he created the Orogs here in these caves and that their leader is one of six beings in Dorn's Deep whose presence "prevent intrusion." The leader carries a badge, which Saablic wants you to return to him as proof that the Orog is dead.

When Krilag is dead, return to Saablic for 56,000 experience points. Before leaving, the Umber Hulk mentions that each of the six leaders in Dorn's Deep carries a badge and that you will need all of them to find "him." Hmm.

2 - Ettin Battle

Three Ettins impede your progress toward area #3.

3 - Loot!

Search the corpse lying in this deadend to uncover Kalabac's Journal and a random magic weapon (such as a Life Halberd +2 or Battle Axe +3: Fatigue). The journal hints that Bandoth might know about an exit within the dwarven meeting hall, which you're most likely already be aware of.

4 - Krilag

Krilag is the Orog leader that Saablic Tan mentioned in your earlier conversation. You'll be forced to kill him for his badge, which could prove tougher than expected since he has two Neo Orog Marauders and two Neo Orog Avengers fighting at his side. When the chieftain finally falls, loot his corpse to find some gold, a note from someone with the initials "RBP", Krilag's Badge, and the Cairn Blade.