The Garden (AR8005)

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1 - Arrival

After dealing with Seth at the northern end of the Lower Dorn's Deep Entrance map, you'll have the option of passing through the door behind him and entering this subterranean garden. It is certainly possible to come across this garden via other entrances, however. Which door you enter through just depends on the course you take through Lower Dorn's Deep.

2 - Shriekers and Other Creatures

Eight Shriekers circle the center platform of the garden. Their screams are capable of summoning monsters, so you may want to focus your attention on them first. Their initial screams will call in a large number of Red Myconids, but you could end up fighting Blind Minotaurs, Boneguard Skeletons, or Salamanders if they shriek long enough.

3 - Callard

Callard and his son are sculptors. They were ordered by Marketh to tear down a statue of Dorn here in the garden and replace it with one of Marketh. When you inquire as to how they're able to create a statue without seeing the person during its construction, Callard tells you that they reference a picture of Marketh that Flozem (one of Marketh's bodyguards) drew. Since they're already almost done with the statue, Callard hands you the Portrait of Marketh. This can prove useful later on when you speak with Flozem.

4 - Entrance/Exit

This doorway leads to and from the Artisan's District.

5 - Entrance/Exit

This doorway leads to and from Old Dorn's Palace 1.

6 - Entrance/Exit

This doorway leads to and from the Black Temple.

7 - Entrance/Exit

This pathway leads to and from the Salamander Mines.