Gnome Pit (AR8003)

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1 - Arrival

Using the lift along the western edge of Lower Dorn's Deep Entrance, your party will arrive within this pit. A Svirfneblin named Tarnelm will approach and accuse your party of being "Marketh's goons." Convince him that you're not here to pick on the gnomes and he'll ask you to fetch them some food. If you have the Sack of Potatoes from the kitchen in Old Dorn's Palace 1, you can give it to Tarnelm for 80,000 experience points.

When Tarnelm realizes that you're willing to help the Svirfneblin, he asks you to clear out the Umber Hulks that are keeping them from reaching the Gnome Village.

2 - Rhinoceros Beetles and Umber Hulks

A few gargantuan Rhinoceros Beetles and a couple of Umber Hulks await your party in this area. When all five creatures are dead, loot the Rhino Beetle Shells from the beetle corpses. You'll be able to use these to craft a shield in the Gnome Village.

3 - Umber Hulk Ambush

After you've brought Tarnelm the Sack of Potatoes and have learned about the Gnome Village, you'll be ambushed by nine Umber Hulks that come crashing out of the north wall in this location. Slay them all and grab the Umber Hulk Hides they drop before making your way through their burrowed holes to the Gnome Village.