Easthaven (AR1000)

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If you take comfort in large cities, there'll be little in Easthaven to your liking. The people are hard-working, good folk, and the primary source of gold for the region is fishing knucklehead trout -- but if you've come with the caravan, you'll know that. Knucklehead trout can be found nowhere else in the Realms, and it's what drove most of the men of Easthaven into these wastes.

As for your behavior in town, my only word of warning to you is this: show no steel in town, or else your journey will come to an end quicker than you can use it. The cold of the North has made the people of Easthaven tougher than a southerner can imagine.

1 - Winter's Cradle Tavern

This is the Winter's Cradle Tavern, where you'll first begin Icewind Dale. You'll be approached by a man named Hrothgar who will give you a quick rundown of Easthaven before asking you to stop by his home (area #2) for a task that he needs help with.

Before venturing out into Easthaven, though, pay a visit to the barkeep, Grisella, here in the tavern and ask to purchase a drink. She'll explain that she's having a "pest problem" and that her storeroom has been taken over by bugs. Help her clear out the storeroom them by descending the nearby stairs and killing all four beetles infesting the basement. When you're finished, return to Grisella to earn 1200 experience points and 5 gold.

2 - Hrothgar

Hrothgar will ask you to embark upon an expedition with some of the other townsfolk, which you'll no doubt accept if you want to experience Icewind Dale. Before the expedition takes off, Hrothgar asks that you investigate why a caravan hasn't yet made it to Easthaven. You'll be able to begin this quest by heading out the exit at area #10.

Once you return to Hrothgar and let him know that the caravan was attacked by Orcs (for 2400 experience points), he'll ask that you deliver some supplies to Pomab at area #3. Run them over to Pomab to earn another 1200 experience points, then return to Hrothgar anytime afterward to begin the expedition to Kuldahar. You should complete as many quests in Easthaven as you can before leaving, though, as you won't be returning here for a long time.

3 - Pomab's Emporium

This building is Pomab's Emporium, an equipment shop that is run by a loathsome man named (you guessed it) Pomab. You can buy some basic non-magical equipment here if you'd like. The only thing you have to come here for is to deliver the supplies from Hrothgar at area #2.

4 - Jhonen

Jhonen will tell you about some dreams that he has been having about a woman floating over a lake. You can begin this quest by talking with Elisia down at area #6. Speak with her and then deliver the broken sword of Aihonen she gives you back to Jhonen. When you return to Easthaven towards the end of the game, you'll want to talk to Jhonen once again to further this quest.

5 - Apsel the Scrimshander

Apsel will ask for your help in killing a wolf that is tearing up his workshop at area #11. If you agree, all you have to do is simply enter the workshop, kill the wolf, and return to receive 1200 experience points, Apsel's Dagger, and 25 gold as a reward.

6 - Elisia

Elisia, the spirit of the lake (so to speak), is standing here near the rocks. If you've spoken with Jhonen at area #4, then this is the woman you'll want to speak with concerning his dreams. If the character who speaks to her is a Bard, you can earn 1200 experience for playing a song to her and another 1200 experience for learning her song. Regardless of your class, Elisia will tell you that she has recovered a broken blade used by Jhonen's ancestor to strike a mortal blow to the dragon Icasaracht. She would like for you to return this blade to Jhonen for her. If you want, you can demand proof of her intentions, which will earn you some gems worth 75 gold. Bringing the broken blade of Aihonen to Jhonen will earn you another 1200 experience. Reporting your success to Elisia nets you an additional 1200 experience points and a Pearl.

7 - Temple of Tempus

This is a temple dedicated to the god Tempus. It has a big significance to the game since it houses Jerrod's Stone (if you're not sure what this is, you can watch the intro movie to the game to find out). I'd recommend talking with Everard inside to get a better understanding of Jerrod and his sacrifice.

8 - Old Jed

Old Jed, a fisherman of Easthaven, resides in this home. He will explain that Grisella over at the Winter's Cradle (area #1) will not serve him alcohol anymore. You can either explain to him that he doesn't need alcohol or go buy some wine from Pomab's Emporium and bring it to him. Either route earns you 1200 experience points and 6 gold, though convincing him to quit drinking requires an Intelligence of at least 16 and a Charisma of at least 15.

9 - Goblin Thieves

A young child named Damien comes up to you as you cross the bridge for the first time. He will tell you that some monsters stole a fish he had caught. Agree to find his fish and head just a bit farther south, where you'll encounter a fairly tough fight (for a group of level 1 characters, anyway) with a band of Goblins. Grab the Knucklehead Trout off of the leader and return it to the young boy for a 1200 experience point reward.

10 - To Easthaven Cave

This path leads to the Easthaven Cave where you can investigate the missing caravan Hrothgar told you about.

11 - Apsel's Workshop

If you've spoken to Apsel at area #5, then you'll know about the wolf that has taken over his workshop. Pick the lock on the door (or break it down) and head inside to slay the wolf. When the job is complete, return to Apsel for a nice reward.

12 - Gaspar the Fishmonger

Once you've acquired the Caravan Contract from the Ogre in Easthaven Cave, you can show it to Gaspar to prove that the caravan from Caer-Dinival never made it. This will earn you 1200 experience points.