The Great Forge (AR6013)

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1 - Arrival

After solving the puzzle in the Dwarven Puzzle Room, you'll pass through a small chamber and find a note from someone named Dver. This will give you some background information about what's to come. Exit the small chamber to the south and your party will find themselves within The Great Forge.

2 - The Forge

When you first arrive, the dwarven forge isn't functional. To restore it to its former glory, you must first destroy the lich Terikan within the Hall of Heroes. When the forge is active once again, you can search the compartment within the main cauldron to find the Forge Key needed to pass through the far door in the Hall of Heroes and an axe called The Celebrant's Blade.

3 - Norlinor

Norlinor is the spirit of one of the previous occupants here in Dorn's Deep. He seems to think that you're here to defile the place, but you can convince him otherwise (don't feed him the "I was thinking about it" option...). When he asks why you've come to the Temple of Moradin, tell him you're here to learn more about the conflict that occured here. This will prompt him to tell you about two catastrophes, including the occupation of the Tiers of the Dead by a necromancer named Terikan.

Press him for more information about Terikan and he'll eventually be receptive to the idea of your party finding him and destroying him. However, Terikan has assumed a lich form and you cannot destroy him without ending the life force that sustains him. Norlinor suggests that you find his phylactery in one of the crypts in the Hall of Heroes and remove it from this plane. Fortunately, the vortice that Terikan is studying can do just that and it's also located within the Hall of Heroes inside Jamoth's Tomb. Once you have all the information you need, enter any of the three doors behind Norlinor to reach the Tiers of the Dead.

After Terikan's phylactery has been destroyed and the lich is no more, return to Norlinor for 84,000 experience points. You'll also notice that the forge has been restored to working order and that there is now a small compartment within the main cauldron that you can search.

It should also be noted that Norlinor acts as a lone priest here in the Temple of Moradin. Simply tell him that you need aid and you'll have the option to purchase standard temple healing services. Of course, these services are only available before you've destroyed Terikan as Norlinor will disappear once the quest is finished.