Vale of Shadows (AR3000)

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The Vale of Shadows lies only a few hours northeast of Kuldahar -- the Vale is a great canyon of crypts and tombs, some of them dating back centuries. Shadows cling to the walls of the canyon, even in the brightest day, and some of the shadows walk, carrying their burden of hated and hungers with them. Beware this place.

1 - Crypt

Here lies the first of many crypts you'll find in the Vale. Before entering, you'll have to best some Lesser Shadows, which you'll soon find are capable of afflicting your characters with Bad Luck. Aside from some nonmagical studded armor, a nonmagical bow, a couple of potions, and a couple of scrolls, there isn't any real treasure of note inside the crypt. There are quite a few undead and a Carrion Crawler to slay, though, so it's worth clearing out for the experience. Careful of the traps!

2 - Crypt

Inside the crypt you'll encounter several Skeletons, Ghasts, Ghouls, and more Lesser Shadows. Disarm the traps around the area, then search the golden altar to find the Gate Key (needed in the temple later on), as well as a Potion of Healing and scrolls of Identify and Remove Fear. The coffin to your right contains more scrolls and potions, as well as a random low-level magic item such as a Halberd of Sparks +1. The shelf to your left can be ransacked for some Leather Armor +1.

3 - Yeti Chieftain and Lysan

Outside this cave, you'll encounter the Yeti Chieftain that Mirek spoke to you about back in Kuldahar. Take him out, then grab the heirloom and a random weapon (which can include a Long Sword +1 or Short Sword +1, among others) from his corpse. Keep in mind that you can also sell any of the Yeti pelts you find to Conlan back in Kuldahar.

If you enter the cave without first speaking with Kressleck on Black Wolf Temple 3, you will only battle some Yeti within. If you have agreed to Kresselack's terms, however, then you'll be visiting here in order to deal with Lysan's intrusion in the vale. When you confront her about being a Priestess of Auril, she'll admit to her intentions here in the vale and even refer to Kuldahar's great oak as an abomination. Soon afterward, you'll find yourself in a battle with Lysan and five Yeti. Concentrate on the priestess first, then clean up whatever is still standing once Lysan is down. As soon as all of the opposition has been dealt with, a Lesser Shadow will appear and thank your party for freeing them from her curse. Grab the Morning Star +1 from Lysan's corpse, as well as the Mace +1 and other loot from the four containers, then return to Kressleck to report your success.

4 - Crypt

Within this crypt, you'll be asked to leave by an armored skeleton named Therik. If you decide to fight, the battle isn't too bad. Once you've taken Therik and his two Zombie buddies out, search Therik's corpse to discover a random magic item (such as a Phase Dagger or Potion of Action Transference) and then explore the rest of the crypt to find some gold, scrolls, potions, a Dagger +1, and the Sanctum Key needed inside the Black Wolf Temple at area #6.

5 - Crypt

Another undead-infested crypt. Slay them all, then disarm the trap near the center of the crypt and loot the three containers. The first two contain potions and scrolls while the sarcophagus contains a nice selection of items and gold - including some Chainmail +1.

6 - Exit to Black Wolf Temple

The entrance to Black Wolf Temple has been carved out of the earth here. You'll be faced with some Lesser Shadows and a full Shadow outside of the entrance, so be careful.