Severed Hand 3 (AR5003)

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1 - First Arrival

If you've been following this walkthrough, then this should be the first area you visit on the third floor of the tower. From here, you can access two hallways that are otherwise inaccessible from any other area on this floor.

2 - Massive Battle

Once you've hacked your way through the Shadowed Goblin Marksmen standing in this hallway, you'll be set upon by a large number of Shadowed Orcs and Shadowed Ogres. The shaman will make the battle much more difficult than it needs to be, so focus on them first (as usual). When the dust finally settles, search the corpses to uncover a random magic item that one of the creatures was using (such as Guktok's Chopper or Puny's Poker) and then move on to the overturned chairs to grab yourself Misery's Herald.

When the area is clear of all resistance, return to Severed Hand 2 via the ramp at area #1.

3 - Second Arrival

You've already cleared all the Shadowed Goblin Marskmen from behind the north wall, but you still have a handful of them to deal with here on the southern side.

4 - Exit

This stairway leads to Severed Hand 4. I recommend obtaining the Piece of Broken Machinery from the eastern half of Severed Hand 1 before going up, though.

5 - Loot!

Rummage through this pile of junk to find a random magic item (such as a Great Shield +3 or the Shield of the Hand).

6 - Serrated Skeleton

Prepare yourself for a very difficult battle before entering this chamber. You'll be up against a Burning Skeleton, Bladed Skeletons, Shattered Souls, and a named "Serrated Skeleton." The latter will drop a random magic item when it falls (such as the Bone Kris of Black Ichor or Serrated Bone Blade). There is no other loot to be had.

7 - Lift

After you've done everything you'd like on this floor, activate this lift to reach the eastern half of Severed Hand 2.