Dragon's Eye 3 (AR4003)

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Note: This level features a new creature called a Blast Skeleton. These particular skeletons explode and inflict cold damage to all party members in the vicinity, so you'll want to use ranged weapons whenever possible. If that isn't an option, use your highest hit point character to take each one down while the rest of your party stands a safe distance away.

1 - Arrival

As soon as you step foot on the third level of Dragon's Eye, an Undead Lieutenant and over a dozen Cold Wights will attack your party. You'll notice that the Undead Lieutenant is being controlled by an unseen entity, though, which hints to the possibility of a Necromancer somewhere nearby.

Considering that the Undead Lieutenant is worth 2000 experience points and each Cold Wight is worth 1400 experience points, you may find a character or two leveling just from this fight.

2 - Undead Lieutenant

Another Undead Lieutenant and a contingent of Cold Wights awaits your party here. After another brief conversation with the controlling entity, a battle is inevitable. Hey, it's great experience.

3 - Undead Lieutenant

Yet another Undead Lieutenant to take out. Slowly but surely, you're making your way to the back of the map.

4 - Undead Lieutenant

The last of the Undead Lieutenants threatens your party atop this bridge.

5 - Presio

Finally, you come face to face with the Necromancer controlling the Undead Lieutenants. Presio doesn't even indulge you with conversation this time, though. Instead, he and a small army of Poison Zombies and Imbued Wights descend upon your party. Draw them out of the main room in groups to avoid getting swarmed and you should be able to make it through this battle without taking any casualties.

When the room is clear, search Presio's body to find Presio's Dagger, a Hammer Flail +2, and a Necromancer's Robe. You'll also find Presio's journal along with some gold, potions, scrolls, and a random magic item (such as Bren Muller's Crossbow) in the three containers toward the back of the chamber. Careful of the trap, though!

6 - Traps!

This whole section is heavily trapped, so make use of your party's thief or watch where you step.

7 - Exit

This door brings you to Dragon's Eye 4.