Easthaven Cave (AR1201)

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1 - Orc Battle

Prepare yourself for a fairly large battle with a bunch of Orcs (including an Orc Shaman and several archers) in this chamber. Once they're all dead, either head west to area #2 for a chest or proceed directly to area #3.

2 - Chest

Three Orcs guard a single chest here. Inside the chest you'll discover a 22 gold, a Silver Necklace, and a random magic item (such as a Girdle of Beatification or a Fire Dagger +2).

3 - Ogre

The main fight of this entire cave lies in this chamber. You'll face another pile of Orcs along with an Ogre. The Ogre will drop a "Caravan Contract" that can be used as evidence back in Easthaven. Additionally, there is a chest on the east corner of this room that contains a winter wolf pelt, a scroll of Horror, and 21 gold pieces.