Salamander Mines (AR8008)

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1 - Arrival

Following the mine cart tracks from the Lower Dorn's Deep Entrance level, you'll arrive in these lava-filled mines. Three Salamanders will immediately confront your party, after which you can make your way toward the east to speak with Guello.

2 - Guello

Guello is a Svirfneblin Ruby priest that was captured by Malavon's Umber Hulks (under Seth's authority) and forced to work in these mines. He wants you to help him return to his people, which means you'll need to wipe out all of the Salamanders in these mines - including their king, Shikata.

When Shikata has been dealt with, talk with Guello to learn that he and the other Svirfneblin are going to make a run for the Gnome Village. If you're looking for an experience point reward for the rescue, you'll have to speak with Guello there.

3 - Exit/Entrance

This pathway leads to and from The Garden.

4 - Shikata

Shikata and several Salamander guards stand just inside the mine's exit to The Garden. If you haven't spoken with Guello yet, then you're treated to a short bit of dialogue. Otherwise, the Salamander king will immediately attack.

When Shikata has been slain, search his fiery corpse to find a powerful spear called Slayer.

5 - Exit

This mine tunnel leads to the upper section of The Greater Forge.

6 - Exit

This mine tunnel leads to the central section of The Greater Forge.