Temple of the Forgotten God 1 (AR3601)

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Note: You'll encounter a Verbeeg named Red Toe just outside the temple's entrance who will claim that the temple is being attacked by "bad priests." Hmm.

1 - Arrival

When you first arrive in the temple, you will be immediately spotted by an Acolyte. The Acolyte seems to think that you are affiliated with the "bad priests" defiling the temple and, regardless of what you say to him, he'll call in two Verbeeg guards and the three of them will attack your party.

2 - Loot!

This hallway contains a few Verbeeg guards and Acolytes that need to be taught a lesson. When the battle is over, search the chest in the southwest room to find a Potion of Stone Form and a random magic item (such as a Medium Shield +1 or Short Bow +1). There's also a chest in the central room, which contains another random magic item (including some Boots of Moander or a Ring of Missile Deflection). Finally, the bookshelves to the north contain various books and a scroll of Skull Trap.

3 - Another Battle

A single Acolyte and a couple of Verbeeg guards stand in your way to the level's exit.

4 - Exit

This doorway leads to Temple of the Forgotten God 2.