Severed Hand 1 (AR5001)

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1 - First Arrival

Your presence here in the Severed Hand is obviously unwanted. You'll immediately be attacked by a half dozen Shadowed Orcs, as well as some Shadowed Goblins just above the entrance. Neither group should prove to be very difficult, though.

2 - Exit

This ramp leads up to Severed Hand 2. You should travel south and use the stairs at area #6 if this is your first trip through, though.

3 - Loot!

Check the overturned tables just above these pillars to find a scroll of Emotion: Hopelessness. The barrel between the pillars will provide you with some gold and a Potion of Healing.

4 - Ambush

As your party enters this room, a large group of monsters - several Shadowed Orc Grunts, two Shadowed Orc Shaman, and two Shadowed Ogres - will materialize. Although they are not very difficult on a smaller scale, the fact that they spawn in front of you as well as behind can put your weaker party members in jeopardy.

When the creatures have been disposed of, check the container between the two pillars to uncover a random magic weapon (such as a Two Handed Sword +2: Hammering or a Two Handed Sword +2: Defender).

5 - Loot!

Kill the creatures guarding this area of the tower for a chance to loot three separate containers. You should walk away with some gold, a couple of gems, and three potions.

6 - Exit

These stairs lead up to Severed Hand 2.

7 - Second Arrival

You'll emerge at this location after having used the lift on the third floor and the eastern stairs on the second floor. The fight that awaits you here is extremely difficult and is composed of a small army of Bladed Skeletons, a handful of Shattered Souls, and a named "Severed Soul." Don't be scared to retreat back up the stairs when your party starts to get overwhelmed.

When you're finally victorious, search the area where the Severed Soul was killed to find a random magic item (such as the Shadowed Cloak or Shadowed Robe).

8 - Loot!

Search the back corner of this room to discover a random magic item (such as a Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy or Light Crossbow of Speed).

9 - Piece of Broken Machinery

This room is of great importance, yet only has a single Bladed Skeleton guarding it. Crush it to pieces and then ransack the debris in the corner to find a Piece of Broken Machinery. This is one of four pieces you need to fix a machine at the end of the Severed Hand.