Temple of the Forgotten God 2 (AR3602)

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1 - Arrival

A single Verbeeg guard confronts you when you first arrive. Draw him to the entrance to avoid getting noticed by more temple devotees at area #2.

2 - Acolyte and Verbeeg

Another Acolyte to deal with, as well as a Verbeeg guard standing near the eastern doorway.

3 - Loot!

A couple of Acolytes and a single Verbeeg guard are scattered between this room and its side chambers. When you've taken out the resistance, pay a visit to each chamber and disarm any traps that stand in the way of your party and each of the four chests. Plunder them all to earn some gold, a couple of potions, and two random magic items (including Short Sword of Lesser Phasing, a Flaming Bastard Sword +1, or The Snow Maiden's Reaver).

4 - Difficult Battle

Three Verbeeg guards and two Acolytes are guarding this doorway. You may find keeping your entire party alive a formidable challenge during this encounter.

5 - Exit

This pathway leads to Temple of the Forgotten God 3.