Black Wolf Temple 3 (AR3503)

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1 - Undead Welcoming Party

Your entrance to the third level of this temple is met by a Temple Guardian who will call forth a whole slew of undead (including Tattered Skeletons, Spectral Guards, and Shadows) in an attempt to wipe out your party. Try to take them out without venturing near areas #2 or #3, otherwise you'll most likely pull additional undead into the fray.

2 - Mummy and Shadows

Be ready to face a Mummy and some Shadows within this chamber. Once you've taken them out, search the three sarcophagi to find some gold, scrolls, potions, a regular helmet, and a suit of decrepit Ancient Armor that has no value whatsoever.

3 - Mummy and Imbued Wights

This battle is similar to the one you encountered on the north end. A Mummy, some Imbued Wights, and a handful of other undead guard the chamber. Lay waste to the lot and then ransack the three sarcophagi for some more gold, scrolls, potions, and gems.

4 - Undead Battle

Guarding area #5, this room is packed with Skeleton Archers and Spectral Knights. To make matters worse, there's also a Skeletal Mage ready to blast your party with potent magic. Lure them out to the eastern room in smaller groups, otherwise you may find yourself a little overwhelmed. Once the way is clear, grab the Bracers of Defense AC 8 off the Skeletal Mage's corpse and proceed to area #5.

5 - Kresselack

Your journey through this undead-infested temple is almost over. Within this final chamber lies the tomb of Kresselack, who now stands before you in his undead state. Talk with him about the problems in Kuldahar and he will ask a favor before revealing what he might know about the situation. He'll send you back to the Vale of Shadows to kill a Priestess of Auril by the name of Lysan (yep, the barmaid from Kuldahar).

Once you've taken the priestess out, return to Kresselack for 13,000 experience points and some disappointing news. Basically, he explains that he and his undead legion have nothing to do with Kuldahar's problems and that you can consider the vale of no threat ("knowing where your enemy is *not* is as vital as knowing where he *is*"). As a reward for killing the Priestess, however, he will allow you to loot his tomb. Plunder Kresselack's Sword, his personal plate mail and helmet, and a random magic item (such as Turodahel or a Flaming Short Sword +1) from the tomb, then begin your journey back to Kuldahar.