Black Temple (AR8012)

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1 - Arrival

The double passageway at the top of The Greater Forge will bring you to the main entry of this horrific temple. Your main objective here is to destroy "The Idol", which you'll find resting at area #4.

2 - Alternate Arrival

You can also reach this area via one of the passageways in The Garden. For the sake of reaching The Idol at area #4, this route can be used to encounter the least amount of resistance.

3 - Brother Perdiem

Brother Perdiem is one of the six lieutenants, which means he's holding one of the badges you need. He welcomes you to this "humble temple" and then asks if you want to experience "ecstasy at the hands of Ilmater's servants." After arguing with Perdiem for a bit about the definition of suffering, you'll find yourself up against a significant army of undead. Two Greater Mummies will appear next to Brother Perdiem and Boneguard Skeletons will move in from the sides. You can't injure Perdiem, so go for the Greater Mummies first as they are capable of casting some nasty spells. When you've taken out any resistance in your immediate area, head to area #4.

When The Idol has been destroyed, the spell corrupting Brother Perdiem's mind unravels. He apologizes for all the suffering he has caused and goes on to tell you that he was once a faithful priest of Ilmater in a monastery outside of Illefarn. When Poquelin arrived, though, he and the other priests at the monastery were enthralled by him and the whole group was led to this black temple. To show his appreciation for liberating him from his trance, Brother Perdiem hands you his badge and offers standard temple healing services for free. When the badge is in your hands, you'll gain 150,000 experience points.

4 - The Idol

Poquelin's golden idol rests on the floor in this area, surrounded by various (and powerful) undead. If you can inflict a lot of damage quickly, you may want to try and focus all your attention on The Idol as it is the source of all evil here in the temple. If you're able to destroy it, all of the undead within the temple will immediately crumble to the ground. Keep in mind that you won't get any experience points for the undead creatures that die in this manner, but it will definitely save you a lot of trouble if you can pull it off.

Crushing the idol also removes the trance from all of the priests in the temple, including Brother Perdiem. Speak with him again once it's destroyed.

5 - Badge Locks

At the base of this spiraling staircase, you'll notice six locked containers (for lack of a better term). Each of these containers corresponds to the six lieutenant badges you've been collecting throughout Dorn's Deep. As as you acquire each badge, simple click on the container with the matching symbol and it will unlock. When all six containers have been unlocked, you'll be able to ascend the staircase to Poquelin's Cave.