Upper Dorn's Deep 1 (AR6001)

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1 - Arrival

After laying waste to the Neo Orogs outside, your party will find themselves in the northwest corner of a large fungus-filled cavern. Blue Myconids inhabit several areas of the cavern, so move slowly to avoid getting overwhelmed by too many.

2 - Orc Cave

This small cave is inhabited by a large number of Orc Elites huddled around a campfire. They're worth little experience, carry nonmagical weapons, and drop a trivial amount of gold, so you may want to skip this cave altogether.

3 - Neo Orog Cave

Eight Neo Orogs call this cave home. They're worth more experience than the Orc Elites in the previous cave, but there's no treasure to be found.

4 - Bandoth

Bandoth is the hot-tempered mage standing by the furnace in this old watchtower. If you avoid insulting him (I know it's hard, but don't call him an "old kook"), you can convince him to barter with you. He has a handful of hard-to-find scrolls available, as well as a nice assortment of potions.

If you press him for information about Dorn's Deep, Bandoth will require a service from you before revealing what he knows. He explains that he sent his apprentice off to find razorvine extract, but hasn't heard from him in days. You're to track down this apprentice and help him return the extract to Bandoth.

Bandoth's apprentice has been killed by a group of Ettins living in the cave at area #6. Once you've killed the Ettins and looted the Container of Razorvine Extract from the apprentice's skeletal remains, you can bring it back to Bandoth for 42,000 experience points. As promised, Bandoth will also tell you about a secret door leading to the lower regions of the Deep.

5 - Dual Throne Statue

This is the dual throne statue that Larrel saw in the Heartstone Gem back in the Severed Hand. A few Ettins patrol its perimeter, so take them out for 3000 experience points each.

6 - Ettin Cave

You'll stumble across another cave here, this time inhabited by four Ettins. Make short work of the two-headed giants, then search the skeletal remains in the back to find a Container of Razorvine Extract. Bandoth's apprentice won't be needing an escort back after all.

7 - Exit

This cave leads to Upper Dorn's Deep 2.