Artisan's District (AR8009)

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1 - Arrival

Arriving from The Garden, your party will immediately be attacked by a few Blind Minotaurs and Umber Hulks. Be careful when you step over the eye drawn on the stone before you, as it will trigger a petrification trap.

2 - Alternate Arrival

You may also arrive in the Artisan's District via the Lower Dorn's Deep Entrance level. There are quite a few Blind Minotaurs and Umber Hulks in this area, so you'll want to prepare accordingly. You'll also find another drawing of an eye on the stone floor, which means you'll be subjecting your party to a lethal trap if you step on it.

3 - Ambush

Two Umber Hulks crash through the doorways when your party assembles here. Make quick work of them, then head through the right doorway to reach area #4.

4 - Pale Justice

A single corpse lies at the back of this previously inaccessible tunnel. Search it to find Pale Justice, a powerful long sword usable only by Paladins.

5 - Loot!

Kill the seven Blind Minotaurs patrolling this area, then plunder the four nearby barrels for scrolls of Power Word: Silence, Power Word: Stun, Monster Summoning V, and Mordenkainen's Sword.

6 - Exit

This doorway will bring your party to Malavon's Dome.