Upper Dorn's Deep 2 (AR6002)

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1 - Arrival

A massive ambush awaits your party just a few paces from the level's entrance. You'll be facing Drow Sorcerers, Drow Spellswords, Phase Spiders, and numerous Orc Elites and Neo Orog Marauders. Try to draw a couple of them at a time or your party will most likely suffer a casualty or two.

When the dust settles, check the Drow Sorcerer and Spellsword corpses to uncover two Daggers +1 and two Long Swords +1.

2 - Drow Battle

Two Drow Vanguards and three Drow Spellswords will confront your party here. All five Drow are carrying Long Swords +1 and the Vanguards wear Chainmail +1, so be sure to plunder all of the corpses once the battle is over.

You'll also notice a cave at the far end of the room. This leads to Krilag's Caves, which you should explore before passing through the secret door at area #4.

3 - Drow Battle

This room contains two Drow Vanguards, two Drow Spellswords, and a Drow Sorcerer, so prepare accordingly. Aside from the standard magical equipment that each Drow carries, you'll discover a small stash of items at the back of the room - Mithral Field Plate Armor +2, the Axe of Caged Souls, a Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy, ten Bolts of Lightning, and ten Bolts of Biting.

4 - Dwarven Meeting Hall

This is the room Bandoth mentioned if you brought him the Container of Razorvine Extract back in Upper Dorn's Deep 1. It is an old meeting hall for the dwarves with a large circular table at its center and several statues embedded in its walls. A secret door can be found behind the center statue, which will bring you party to the Dwarven Puzzle Room.