Mysterious Gemstones
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During the course of your explorations, you might come across no less than 12 Mysterious Gemstones. The first three can be found in Chapter 1:
If you place these gemstones into the statue of King Borislav in Markovna, then you'll receive a Mysterious Key.

The next three gemstones can be found in Chapter 2:
If you place these gemstones into the statue of King Borislav in the Old Town, then a portal will appear, which will take you to an Ink map called the Statue. Inside this area, you'll see another statue of King Borislav, plus five treasure chests surrounding it, but you won't be able to approach them. If you try, then you'll just get blown backwards.

To reach the statue, you'll need to find six more Mysterious Gemstones, all located nearby:
  • One carried by an Elyctrical Strongman Minion,
  • Two in a Domovoy Corpse,
  • One carried by a Lesovik Chieftain,
  • One in a treasure chest, and
  • One carried by a Pale Gentleman Champion.
When you place these gemstones into the two Guardian Statues in the area, the warding spell protecting the King Borislav statue will disappear, allowing you to approach it. However, when you do, you'll get attacked by a Mad Wizard, who will want the treasure for himself. After defeating the wizard, when you open the chests, you'll probably find several random "yellow" items and essences, but the real treasure is located inside the statue. If you use the Mysterious Key to open it, then you'll find King Borislav's Scepter, the best trophy in the game.