Location: Abandoned Research Station

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1 - Elevators

The elevators will allow you to travel between the different levels of the research station. One of the elevators (#1a) won't work until you flip the switch at the power grid control (#2).

2 - Power Grid Control

Flipping the switch here will power up the research station. This will cause five things to happen: all of the mechanical creatures in the station will wake up and start attacking you; an elevator (#1a), the ink gate (Exit G), and the mysterious control panel (#5) will all start functioning; and a force field (#6) will disappear.

3 - Old Crate

If you break open the crate here then you'll find an Electric Transformer Prototype, which you'll need for an artifact forge upgrade in the Secret Lair.

4 - Treasure Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a Mysterious Gemstone and more. You'll need the gemstone for the statue of King Borislav in the Old Town.

5 - Mysterious Control Panel

Once you've restored power to the research station (at #2), flipping the switch here will cause either a random essence or a group of vilas to appear at the nearby ink portal. You'll be able to hit the switch seven times before the machine breaks.

6 - Force Field

7 - Todor Schimko

You'll need to talk to Schimko for the quest The Assistant.

$ - Random Treasure Chest

  1. Exit to the Sewage Plant.
  2. Ink Gate. The ink gate won't function until you've restored power to the research station (at #2).