Location: Croakwood

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1 - Werewolf Totem Pole

If you click on the totem pole, then you'll find some gold.

2 - Traveling Merchant

This merchant is involved in the quest Escort the Merchant.

3 - Wagon

You'll encounter a bunch of dreadknechts around this wagon. You'll need to defeat them for the quest Find the Mayor.

4 - Wishing Well

After claiming the Ancient Coin from the Lesovik Methuselah (#10), you'll be able to use it with the well, but you won't receive a wish. Instead, an Ancient Vila and a few of its closest friends will attack you, but at the end of the battle you'll find some Weapon Oil, which you'll be able to use with the sword in the stone (#9).

5 - Nameless Wisp

The nameless wisp will ask you its name. You'll get one of three reactions depending on how you answer it:
  • If you say "I didn't take your name" and allow Katerina to name it, or if you say "Begone, Evil Spirit" and name it Hearthfire, then the wisp will decide that you are correct, and it will give you the ring Narrya.

  • If you say "Begone, Evil Spirit" and name the wisp Lifespark, then it will decide that you are correct, and it will give you the Vitae Pendant.

  • If you say anything else, then the wisp will decide that it should be named Destroyer, and it will attack you. The wisp will drop three random essences when it dies.
There are four riddle wisps in the game, and this is one of them. If you answer all of the wisp questions correctly (Hearthfire and Lifespark are the correct answers here), then you'll earn the achievement Riddle Me Wisp.

6 - Wandering Ghost

The wandering ghost (#6), the sacred altar (#6a), and the hanging corpse (#6b) are all involved in the quest Living Ghost.

Note: The sacred altar is also a regular shrine that you can visit for a buff.

7 - Romany Camp

Inside the camp you'll meet a few people:
  • Gaspar the Romany Prince. He's involved in the quest Speak with the Romany Leader. After completing that quest, Gaspar will become a respec NPC, and he'll allow you to adjust your skill points and ability scores.

  • Marko and Mihai. They'll just talk to you.

  • Saffi. After completing Gaspar's task during the quest Speak with the Romany Leader, Saffi will turn into an enchanter, and you'll be able to use her to add random bonuses to your equipment.

  • Traveling Merchant. After completing the quest Escort the Merchant, the merchant will set up shop in the camp and sell you a variety of items.
Also, if you break open the old crates in the camp, then you'll find a Mysterious Gemstone. You'll need three such gemstones for the statue in Markovna.

8 - Werewolf Den

The werewolf den is involved in the quest Find the Mayor.

9 - Sword in the Stone

Once you've picked up some Weapon Oil (#4), you'll be able to pull the sword out of the stone, which will give you Excalibur, an excellent early-game melee weapon.

10 - Lesovik Methuselah

When the Lesovik Methuselah dies, it will drop an Ancient Coin, which you'll be able to use with the wishing well (#4).

11 - Ominous Scarecrow

When you click on the scarecrow, you'll be transported to a special battleground, and the scarecrow (aka the Wingless Messiah) will attack you. The scarecrow is a tough boss. It will summon vilas (harpy-like creatures) to help it out, it will put down harmful sigils (which you should avoid), and about half the time it will make itself invulnerable to damage (when it's surrounded by a purple sphere). For best results, you should have some way to deal area damage. Then you can attack the adds and the boss at the same time.

When the scarecrow dies, any remaining vilas will disappear, and you'll be able to loot three treasure chests in the area. Then to return to Croakwood, you'll just need to go through the portal near the farmhouse.

"One less childhood trauma to cope with, right?"

S - Shrine

$ - Treasure Chest

  1. Gate to Markovna.
  2. Ink Gate.