Location: Markovna

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1 - Boris

Boris will sell you weapons, armor, and potions, and he'll also allow you to use his forge. With the forge, you'll be able to sacrifice three items of the same type and quality (they must be "blue" quality or higher), and you'll get back an item of the same type and possibly better quality. Later, after completing the quest Find the Mayor, Boris will give you the side quest The Blacksmith's Request.

After accepting the quest The Blacksmith's Request, Boris will allow you to use his smithy to craft a weapon, and he'll only charge you 100 gp for the opportunity. If you accept this offer, then you'll create a Crooked Blade, which is a quest item rather than a real weapon. Then the next time you talk to Nutty Stefan (who wanders around the village), he'll notice the blade, and he'll name it Devilslayer. If you give the blade to Stefan, then he'll drop an Irrational Essence. If you tell Stefan that the blade is really called Bunnyslayer, then you'll receive The Bunnyslayer instead. You can also give Boris 2 gp to take back the blade and forget the entire incident, but you won't get any sort of reward this way.

2 - Storage

You'll be able to store excess items here. This storage is shared with all of your characters, except for the hardcore ones, who get their own storage.

After completing the quest Find the Mayor, the Mayor will camp out next to your storage chest, and he'll give you the side quest Rusalka Ambush.

3 - Two-Headed Cow

You can talk to the cow, but nothing will come of it.

4 - Ink Well

Ink is "the dark material of creation and dreams" -- or how the game handles teleportation. You won't be able to enter the well until you've triggered the quest Journey to the Ink.

5 - Doktor Schrieck

The good doktor is involved in the quests Speak with the Romany Leader and Journey to the Ink. After completing the first of these quests, Schrieck will open up his lab, which will allow you to insert and remove essences from items.

6 - Dragan

Dragan will sell you a little bit of everything. After completing the quest Find the Mayor, he'll also give you the side quest Salvage Mission.

7 - Drunken Villager

If you talk to the drunken villager twice, then he'll tell you that he fed a diamond to a hungry goat, which then got thirsty and headed for a riverbank in the forest. You'll find the carcass of the goat in the northwestern corner of Gallowsbog. When you click on it you'll receive a Diamond Essence.

Note: If you don't talk to the villager twice, then you won't be able to interact with the goat carcass.

8 - Chicken

Somewhere around here you'll find a chicken that you can't target with your weapon. If you chase down the chicken, then it will drop an Easter Egg, which will give you +10 HP permanently when you consume it.

9 - Grigori the Elder

Grigori will give you the side quest Speak with the Romany Leader. If you have the Thaumaturge DLC, then he'll also give you the side quest The Priest's Lost Relic.

10 - Captain Iliya

Captain Iliya is involved in the main quests Find a Village and Find the Mayor.

11 - Statue of King Borislav

When you reach the statue, you'll notice that there are three holes at Borislav's feet. During your explorations, you can find three Mysterious Gemstones. One is in an old crate at the Romany camp in Croakwood, one is in a treasure chest in the Ink Rift (reached during the quest Journey to the Ink), and one is in a treasure chest in Gallowsbog. If you place all three gemstones into the holes in the statue, then you'll receive a Mysterious Key, which will unlock something in Chapter 3. See the Mysterious Gemstones page for more information.

12 - Bandit House

When you approach the house, you'll overhear two bandits talking about hiding their treasure in the forest at "the werewolf totem pole." You'll find the totem pole in Croakwood. Hearing the conversation isn't required for finding the treasure.

  1. Gate to Gorgon Pass.
  2. Gate to Croakwood. This gate won't become available until you've triggered the quest Find the Mayor.
  3. Gate to Gallowsbog. This gate won't become available until after you've triggered the quest Find Your Way to the Mines.
  4. Ink Gate. You can use one ink gate to instantly travel to any other one you've discovered. You'll find at least one ink gate on most maps.