Main Quest: Find Your Way to the Mines

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After rescuing the Mayor, when you talk to him in Markovna, you'll learn that the only route to Borgova lies through the Orichalcum Mines, and that to enter the mines, you'll have to go through an Ink Gate in Gallowsbog. At the end of this conversation, the southeastern gate in Markovna will open, allowing you to enter Gallowsbog. Before heading off, you might want to explore Markovna a bit. You'll find three new side quests available: The Blacksmith's Request from Boris, Rusalka Ambush from the Mayor, and Salvage Mission from Dragan.

In Gallowsbog, you'll discover the Ink Gate in the northern part of the area, past the bridge (#1). When you get there, you'll find the gate guarded by four boss creatures: Judge Obesovsky, Monsieur Flambeur, an Electriferous Beast-King, and a Vrikolak Predator. Judge Obesovsky will shoot at you with a heavy cannonball, which you should try to avoid; Monsieur Flambeur will make himself invulnerable to attacks (like the scarecrow previously) and he'll heal his allies; and the Electiferous Beast-King and the Vrikolak Predator are standard melee enemies. For best results, you should take down Monsieur Flambeur first, then Judge Obesovsky, and finally the two werewolves. As long as you can dodge Obesovsky's attacks well enough, the battle shouldn't be too bad.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to enter the Ink Gate. When you do, you'll earn 1500 gp and 500 xp, and Katerina will earn 3 skill points.

1 - Ink Gate