Main Quest: Kill Fulmigati's General

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With the gas projector destroyed, you'll learn from Vlados in the Secret Lair that Fulmigati now plans to inject his "puppetmaster concoction" into Borgova's water supply and turn everyone into mindless slaves that way. Worse, he's apparently sent his top general, a creature named Breda, to make sure that his plan succeeds this time.

To find Breda, you'll have to make your way through the Sewage Plant, which you can reach via the main exit from the Secret Lair. In the Sewage Plant, you'll first have to activate a Bridge Overcharge Regulator (#1), which will cause a machine to overcharge, which in turn will cause two raised bridges to lower (#1a), thus giving you access to the rest of the area. Past the bridges you'll have to defeat six guard posts (#2) so the Resistance can move freely in the area.

Note: The guard posts will contain groups of enemies, but they won't stand out from the other enemies in the area, so you'll probably defeat most of them without even realizing it.

Next up, you'll need to hunt for Breda in the Industrial Port (reached via Exit B). However, you won't find any evidence of him until the end, at which point you'll encounter an Elite Behemoth and numerous other enemies (#3). The behemoth will reveal that Professor Fulmigati leaked the information about Breda on purpose, and that while you've been wandering around the Industrial Port, Breda has been readying an attack against the Secret Lair. You'll then need to defeat the Elite Behemoth and his allies, and return to the lair.

Back in the Secret Lair, Breda's attack won't start until you've spoken to Vlados, so of course you should wait until you're ready. When you do tell Vlados that your defenses are prepared, you'll trigger the quest Protect the Lair, which will start the base defense mini-game. Completing the mini-game will also complete this quest, and you'll earn 3000 gp, a random "yellow" item, 3 ability points, and 1000 xp for your efforts. You'll also complete Chapter 2.

1 - Bridge Overcharge Regulator / Raised Bridges

2 - Guard Posts

3 - Elite Behemoth

  1. Entrance to the Secret Lair.
  2. Entrance to the Industrial Port.
  3. Ink Gate.