Main Quest: Find the Lair

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For this quest you'll just need to make your way through the Dreadworks to reach the Secret Lair (Exit A). You'll face some new enemies now that you're in Chapter 2, including rat creatures (who will try to swarm you), tougher mechanical men (including grenadiers who will set off bombs at your feet), and strongmen (who will yank you towards them and hit you hard). You'll also find a bunch of Machine Parts, which will eventually allow you to improve the lair.

You'll find the Secret Lair on the western side of the Dreadworks. Barriers (#2) will block off a lot of the map, giving you pretty much only one way to go to reach the lair. However, along the way you'll need to go down two elevators (#3). To use them, simply click on them. Katerina will automatically follow you down.

When you enter the Secret Lair, you'll earn 2000 gp, 2 skill points, and 1000 xp.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Barrier

3 - Elevator

  1. Entrance to Secret Lair.