Side Quest: The Assistant

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You'll receive this quest from Borislav Tveter in the Secret Lair after accepting the quest Kill Fulmigati's General.


Borislav will tell you that one of Fulmigati's former assistants, a man named Todor Schimko, has some technical documents that could help the Resistance, and he'll ask you to track him down. You'll find Schimko in the Abandoned Research Station, which is connected to the Sewage Plant. You can reach the Sewage Plant via the main exit from the Secret Lair.

Inside the Abandoned Research Station, you'll have to battle numerous rat creatures and electric werewolves, but strangely all of the mechanical men will be fixed in place. To reach Schimko (#3), you'll have to flip a switch on the Power Grid Control (#1). This will power down the force field (#2) blocking access to Schimko, but it will also power up all of the mechanical men, who will then start attacking you.

When you talk to Schimko, he'll make you a deal. In exchange for allowing him to stay in the Secret Lair, he'll give you a reward for free: a Generator Plan, a Trap Plan, or 5 ability points. Whichever two rewards you don't take, you'll be able to purchase them from Schimko in the Secret Lair for 3000 gp each. To complete this quest, you'll just need to get the Generator Plan from Schimko one way or the other. When you do, you'll earn 500 xp.

Note: Inside the Secret Lair, Schimko will also sell you a treasure map, which will trigger the quest Hidden Treasure, and he'll allow you to gamble for equipment, including unique and set items.

1 - Power Grid Control

2 - Force Field

3 - Todor Schimko

  1. Exit to the Sewage Plant.
  2. Ink Gate.