Side Quest: Speak with the Romany Leader

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You'll receive this quest from Grigori the Elder in Markovna.


When you ask Grigori about Borgova, he'll recommend that you speak to the alchemist (aka Doktor Schrieck) outside the church. However, you'll learn that the alchemist was recently cursed by the Romany gypsies, and that the curse prevents him from speaking. That means you'll have to find the gypsies so you can ask them to remove the curse.

You'll find the Romany gypsies in the southwestern corner of Croakwood (#1). When you ask Gaspar the leader about removing the curse, he'll make you a deal. He'll tell you that he needs the skull of the legendary creature Snowpelt for his "traveling cabinet of curiosities," and that if you were to bring it to him, then he'd release the alchemist from his curse.

Your conversation with Gaspar will cause Snowpelt to appear in Croakwood a ways to the north of the camp (#2). After defeating the creature, it won't drop a skull or anything, but when you return to Gaspar, he'll still remove the curse as promised. You'll also receive two other gifts of sorts: Gaspar will turn into a respec NPC (so you can adjust your skill points and ability scores), and Saffi nearby will become an enchanter (so you can add bonuses to your equipment).

To complete the quest, you'll just need to return to the alchemist in Markovna. When you do so, you'll earn a random "yellow" item, 2 ability points, 200 gp, and 500 xp. Afterwards, the alchemist will give you the quest Journey to the Ink, and he'll also offer to sell you some tricks and auras, and open up his laboratory (so you can insert essences into items).

1 - Romany Camp

2 - Snowpelt