Side Quest: Enemy in Tunnels

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You'll receive this quest from Borislav Tveter in the Secret Lair (#1) after rescuing him during the quest Start the Generator.


Borislav will tell you that Professor Fulmigati has already sent his minions into the sewer tunnels to search for the Secret Lair, and he'll ask you to get rid of them. At the same time, the gates leading to the tunnels (#2) will open up, giving you access.

Inside the tunnels, you'll encounter an assortment of monsters, but there won't be any bosses, and so you shouldn't have too much trouble clearing the area. You might also notice some traps, which will help you defeat the monsters. Later during the quest Protect the Lair, you'll be able to place your own traps in the tunnels and play a tower defense mini-game.

After defeating the monsters in the tunnels, when you return to Borislav, you'll earn 500 gp and 300 xp. Borislav will also allow you to start building and researching traps, but there isn't any hurry for this. You'll be given a clear warning before the lair comes under attack, and so you can wait to see what traps you'll have available and how much generator power you'll have at your disposal before placing anything.

1 - Borislav Tveter

2 - Gates