Side Quest: The Beggar King

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To receive this quest, you'll need to pay all of the beggars in the Sewage Plant and the Rookery. That will cause a raised bridge (in the northwestern part of the Sewage Plant) to come down, allowing you to cross it. Just beyond the bridge, you'll meet another beggar, and when you pay him as well, he'll give you this quest.


The beggar will tell you that Professor Fulmigati has sent his minions after the Beggar King, who was forced to flee into his Hideout in the Ink. The beggar will then ask you to rescue the king, and he'll give you an Old Rune so that you can detect the portal to the Hideout. You'll find the portal nearby to the west.

Inside the Hideout, you'll have to battle a lot of creatures, including Twilight Vilas, Scatterminds, and Furious Princesses, but you won't encounter any bosses, so you shouldn't have too much trouble. When you reach the king (#2), all you'll need to do is talk to him to complete the quest. For your efforts, you'll receive an Ink Essence (which you'll need for a laboratory upgrade in the Secret Lair), 4 ability points, 2 skill points, and 500 xp.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Beggar King

  1. One-way exit portal to the Sewage Plant.