Main Quest: Fulmigati Himself

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"Congratulations, Mr. Van Helsing! You managed to play our little game right to the end."

When you enter the Palace of Machines, you'll discover that Professor Fulmigati has had time to activate his Doomsday Automaton after all, and so you'll need to defeat him while he's driving it. The automaton isn't too bad by itself. It'll shoot you and jump on you and knock you over, which can be bad, but the real problem is all of the help it'll receive. Located around the edges of the room you'll find towers (#2) that will heal the automaton or give it powers, topter assembly hatches (#3) that will produce assault ornithopters, and kennel gates (#4) that will produce electric werewolves. With all of the adds that will continually pour into the room, you might have trouble even getting close to the automaton let alone damaging it enough to destroy it.

The basic strategy for the battle is to stay mobile. If you stand in one place for long, even if you're a melee character, you'll probably get overwhelmed by the sheer number of things attacking you. So you should run to one side of the room and damage one of the helper objects (#2-4), and then when the automaton and the adds catch up to you, run to the other side and target some other helper object, while at the same time whittling away at the adds. As long as you can survive well enough at the start of the encounter, you should eventually be able to reduce the number of helper objects and turn the tide of the battle in your favor. If you can get things so it's just you against the automaton, then you shouldn't have any trouble defeating it.

Note: If you can defeat the Doomsday Automaton without destroying any of the helper objects (#2-4), then you'll earn the achievement Brute Force.

When you destroy the automaton, you'll complete the quest and earn two random items (one of which should be a unique or set item) plus 1000 xp. You'll then witness the ending cinematic, which will reveal that there's another bad guy out there waiting for you -- which shouldn't be too much of a surprise since this game is only supposed to be the first part in a trilogy.

Congratulations for completing The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing!

1 - Doomsday Automaton

2 - Skill / Buffing Towers

Around the room you'll find five towers that can give the Doomsday Automaton some sort of bonus. These bonuses are listed below:
  • Beam Energy Transmitter: allows the automaton to fire lasers
  • Matter Reconstructor: heals the automaton's HPs
  • Protective Matrix Buffer: heals the automaton's shield
  • Rocket Guidance Regulator: allows the automaton to fire rockets
  • Supercharge Initiator: allows the automaton to charge forward

3 - Topter Assembly Hatch

4 - Kennel Gate