Main Quest: Find the Mayor

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When you tell Captain Iliya that you're looking for a way to Borgova, he'll recommend that you speak to the Mayor, who knows the many pathways through the forests surrounding Markovna. However, Iliya will reveal that there's a problem. Recently, the Mayor went into Croakwood to investigate a missing wagon, and he hasn't yet returned. That means you'll need to track him down.

In Croakwood, you'll come across the wagon that the Mayor was looking for (#1). It will be surrounded by dreadknechts, who will attack you. After the battle, Katerina will examine the scene, and she'll determine that the dreadknechts attacked the wagon, but that werewolves stole in and carried somebody away. You'll then decide to look for the werewolf den.

You'll find the den in the northwestern corner of Croakwood (Exit A). Inside, you'll have to battle a bunch of werewolves, including the werewolf boss Gruumsh (#2). Once you've done enough damage to Gruumsh, you'll be teleported to an ink version of the den, and you'll have to destroy five summoner sigils (#3) in order to escape. Meanwhile, the sigils will produce more werewolves, so you'll have to be quick with your killing or else use area effect skills to damage the sigils as well as the werewolves.

Note: The summoned werewolves won't give you any xp, so there isn't any reason to delay destroying the sigils.

Once you've destroyed the five sigils, Gruumsh will appear in the Ink Den, and he'll attack you again. After defeating him a second time, you'll return to the regular den, where Gruumsh will tell you that he saved the Mayor, and that you're fighting the wrong enemy. You'll then have two choices for what to do next:
  • If you allow Gruumsh to live, then the fighting in the den will come to an end. Then later, during the quest The Blacksmith's Request, you'll free some werewolves, and they'll give you a Werewolf Spiritstone.

  • If you decide that Gruumsh is a beast and should die, then you'll automatically kill him at the end of the conversation. Then later, during the quest The Blacksmith's Request, you'll free some werewolves, and they'll attack you.
Regardless, with Gruumsh out of your way, you'll be able to free the Mayor (#4), who will immediately return to Markovna. When you talk to him there (he'll be standing next to your storage chest), you'll complete the quest, and you'll earn a random "yellow" item, 2 skill points, and 600 xp.

1 - Wagon

2 - Gruumsh

3 - Summoner Sigils

4 - Mayor

  1. Entrance to the Werewolf Den.