Main Quest: Find a Village

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You'll begin the game in the southwestern corner of Gorgon Pass (#1). You should immediately loot the nearby chest (for some potions), and you might also want to explore the interface. In particular, the game will start you out with your ranged weapon readied and the Shoot skill mapped to the mouse buttons. To switch to your melee weapon, you should press the R key. This will also map the Strike skill to the mouse buttons. Later, once you've gained some levels and learned some new skills, you'll be able to change what gets mapped to the left and right mouse buttons (by clicking on the skill icon in the interface).

You might also want to adjust Katerina a bit. She'll start out as a melee character. To switch her to ranged, you'll need to open her page (by pressing O), then select the Behavior tab, and then select Ranged. You can also make her a "Ghost." In this form Katerina won't participate in combat, but you'll gain 10% damage resistance to make up for her loss. You can also change when Katerina uses health potions (if ever), and what items she automatically picks up (if any).

Your first objective in the game is to travel to the city of Borgova -- not to be confused with Borgovia, which is the name of the region where the city is located. However, when you reach the bridge leading to Borgova (#2), outlaws will blow it up, forcing you to take a more roundabout approach. In fact, you'll get detoured so much that you won't reach Borgova until Chapter 2.

When the bridge disappears, your objective will change, and you'll be tasked with reaching a village where you can ask for directions. Conveniently, you'll find Markovna at the end of the road that you're on (Exit A). Inside the village, you'll meet Captain Iliya (#3). When you ask him about Borgova, he'll tell you that the Mayor knows all of the pathways in the area, but that he recently went into Croakwood (Exit B) to investigate a missing wagon and hasn't yet returned. Learning this information will complete the quest and earn you 450 xp.

  1. Gate to Markovna.
  2. Gate to Croakwood.